iPhone Repair Services in Denver, CO

An iPhone costs nearly $1000 these days. What happens when you accidentally drop yours and crack the screen or the back glass? Whip the camera? The last thing you want is an expensive iPhone that doesn’t work right or looks beat-up. In the event of an accident, iMobileDenver is here to help.

We know how fragile iPhones are, and we know that accidents happen. Come to us for iPhone glass repair in Denver, CO and let us work our magic to restore your phone to a like-new condition. We’re equipped to service some of the biggest iPhone repair issues, including:

  • iPhone glass repair: Even dropped from a small height, your iPhone’s glass screen is sure to crack. When it does, the phone might not work right. If you’ve got a nasty crack in your screen or your taps aren’t registering, come visit us and we will have it fixed in 15 minutes! We’ll replace the damaged glass and send you on your way with a new screen and an iPhone screen protector in Denver, CO!
  • iPhone back glass repair: Newer iPhone models have a glass backing that makes them lighter. Unfortunately, it also makes them slippery! If your phone slid off your lap and ended up on the floor with a cracked backing, stop in and see us. We can replace back glass so your phone shows no evidence of any damages.
  • iPhone battery replacement: Your iPhone should be getting a full day out of a single battery charge. If it’s not and you’re only getting a couple of hours at a time, ask us about battery replacement. Excessive battery drain is a known defect on Apple products and we’re equipped to swap your battery for one that’ll give you a full charge.
  • iPhone camera repair: If you drop your phone and it lands on the camera, a chipped lens could ruin every picture you take. Don’t let your memories be marred by a damaged lens! We can repair your camera after an accident, to give you back crystal-clear photo opportunities.
After you get your iPhone repaired, don’t forget to protect it! We sell iPhone accessories for all the latest models, including cases, chargers and screen protectors.
To learn more about how we’re able to repair your iPhone or to schedule a repair appointment, please contact us today at 720-224-5403. We’re ready to erase the cosmetic damages and give you back a phone that looks, feels and works like new.

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